How to choose a good knit sweater with how

The more busy the New Year, busy doing? Of course, is busy preparing for the new year's clothes for the children ah, the children estimated early in the preparation of when to buy her clothes, and want to look at the new clothes in the closet, counting the days of New Year, are so come from chi-----

Chinese New Year to the children to buy what clothes Ne…

Chinese New Year Spring Festival is coming, as the most important holiday of the year, Spring Festival is ultimately indispensable to dress up new clothes. For the children, they have grown up one year old at the New Year. Mom and Dad are naturally going to give them the beauty or handsomeness to d-----

Years of marketing, Zhuowei fashion: remember Zhuowei L…

A brand from a foreign country, the mission of fashion, with responsibility for quality, is deeply rooted in the vast land of China with 5000 years of civilization. In the clothing creative, SOGNI KIDS (Zhuowei Le) completed a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, but also appropriately f-----

How to choose a duvet

Selection of home textile duvet One press: the duvet is relaxed and flattened, let it recover naturally for three minutes, then press the quilt by hand, then release the hand, if it can quickly rebound to restore the original shape, it is the best. Two touches: use the touch to test the soft-----

What is black sapphire

At present, domestic sapphire is divided into sapphire and black sapphire. Sapphire is a sapphire that we usually see better in permeability. It is mainly embedded in precious metals such as gold and platinum. Black sapphire is a new term recently proposed by Shandong Shuo-----

Down jacket "not warm" Bosideng performance i…

It is worth mentioning that, as the main business, which accounted for 62.5% of total revenue, Bosideng down apparel sales fell 4.3% year-on-year to 1.75 billion yuan. Sales revenue of its brands except Bosideng and Kangbo decreased slightly compared with the same period of last year. Sales revenue-----

The third gold jewelry launched Christmas hat series je…

Christmas is coming, lovers, children and young friends are very happy, because on this day, not only can you hear the happy Christmas song, you can see the tall and beautiful Christmas tree, you can also wear a festive red Christmas hat, the most crucial You can receive e-----