MIDNIGHTDOLL ladies bring happiness and ease

MIDNIGHTDOLL has nearly 10 years of European and American first-line costume brand service experience, from the world-class COSTUME design team to provide today's most reflect the needs of the market products .Midnightdoll produced all kinds of clothing sold around the world, the brand team tr-----

Hangzhou Shuimu village brand women discount to join

2012 " Shuimu a village, " a comprehensive listing of discount boutique ladies- free franchise fee-free deposit Chengzhao around franchisee! Women! Discount women! Brand women! Brand discount women! Women discount! Discount shop! Brand discount discount wholesale discount women. Recrui-----

Tong Tong children's shoes red dragonfly 2012 winte…

June 21, 2012, Tongxin Tongxing - Taiwan Red Dragonfly RD fashion business shoes (hereinafter referred to RD fashion shoes) 2012 winter new orders will be held in Changshu Shi Feng International Hotel was warmly held! RD Fashionable Shoes Co., Ltd. Mr. Wengjian Fei, general manager of RD Fashionabl-----

Domestic cotton prices stabilized import cotton prices …

The domestic cotton spot price stabilized, although there is a long-term support for the new year's purchase and storage policy, it is clear that the market has not found this support point. Under the pessimism that the downstream market outlook cannot be seen, the spot price will cont-----

BC VOGA brand elegant ladies elegant take bright colorf…

In the summer, the season of butterfly's dancing is open, and the splendid flower-garden with red, yellow and blue flowers contends with joy. The leisurely drinking tea figure, sunshine and laziness breathes the breath of nature. BC VOGA Slim version of the brand, deep V-neck design, simple-----

Intricate flat shoes with a new look

This site July 6 hearing, the beautiful girl's legs or not, do not take the so-called high-heeled shoes to identify, although high-heeled shoes can highlight the curvaceous, but also make women look more feminine, but can not always wear uncomfortable Shoes. At this time, comfortable flat shoe-----

Red fire in June Zhuowei children's clothing store …

In the summer of June, countless passion, everywhere full of vitality, and at this time, Zhuowei Le children's clothing stationed in the world's "Holy City," one of Luoyang, Henan. As the new store opens, we will continue to launch a series of promotions to allow more new and old -----