Queen's baby infants and young children wear spring and summer 2014 new trends, Queen's baby green skin green baby clothes, mother's preferred brand.

2014 baby baby preferred brand queen infant baby children's clothing 2014 spring and summer new series pictures pictures

2014 baby baby preferred brand queen infant baby children's clothing 2014 spring and summer new series pictures pictures

Queen's Baby & Children's Wear Product Series: Queen's Baby Products are divided into three major series: Underwear / Outfitters / Accessories Accessories (Bedding, Feeding Supplies) Queen's Baby Infants & Kids Brand Positioning: Focus on newborns and preschool ages 0-5 years old Infants and young children, providing international brand quality of environmental protection, comfort, lively, stylish clothing , gifts and series of supplies, product quality adhere to the middle and high-end line, provide more cost-effective products. Queen's infant baby children joined agents: http://

Queen's baby infant clothing joined mobile phone Mr. Liu

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Lace can make women more feminine, but if lace is not selected correctly, it is easy to give people a cheap feeling. However, water-soluble Polyester Lace is completely different.


The difference between Water soluble lace fabric and ordinary lace fabric is as following:

Water-soluble lace is a big category in embroidery lace. The production process is both time-consuming and time-consuming, and in the final presentation of the effect, there will be a relief-like exquisite and luxurious sense of art, so water-soluble lace fabric is a very high-end on the market. Hollow lace.


What is the process of embroidery for water-soluble lace fabrics ?

Water-soluble embroidery ( water-soluble lace) is a major category of embroidery laces. It uses a water-soluble nonwoven as the base fabric, viscose filaments as the embroidery thread, and is embroidered on the base fabric by a computer flat embroidery machine, and then heated. The water treatment dissolves the water-soluble nonwoven fabric leaving a three-dimensional lace. Embroidery is the general name for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needles. It is the decorative fabrics that use needles to puncture silk or other fibers and yarns in certain patterns and colors on the embroidered material to form patterns. It is an art that uses needles and threads to add human design and fabrication to any existing fabric. Embroidery lace has a large variety of flowers, exquisite and beautiful embroidery, uniform and uniform, vivid image, full of artistic sense and three-dimensional feeling.

The biggest difference between the water-soluble lace and the ordinary lace is that it is not as good as the ordinary plate-making. It has to go through a [boil" process after it is completed on the machine. This process is to make a water-soluble version. Needle processing needs to be different from ordinary platemaking.


Water-soluble lace is a very high-end hollow lace on the market, its noble is reflected in the production process and visual effects. The craftsmanship is time-consuming and time-consuming. Each of its hooked flowers is woven and densely densified, creating an ancient Greek relief-like exquisite art, elegant and refined, and elegant. The undulating three-dimensional texture is the most intuitive feature that distinguishes water-soluble lace fabric from chemical fiber lace. It is more retro and more atmospheric. The full-empty flower pattern on the dress is also delicate so that you can't help.


Polyester Lace

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