"LA B & W" originated from England and was registered in China by Shenzhen Black & White Industrial Co., Ltd., an affiliate of "LA B & W" (Far East) Investment Institution and registered its purest name as "Black and White" Black and white logo name. Shenzhen black and white Industrial Co., Ltd. / black and white (Hong Kong) International Ltd. is a design, production, sales and integration of professional black and white color clothing company. Company employees 500 people, has a strong and professional design and marketing team, the production center will not only do the best woven products, but also professional sweaters workshop.

黑与白 B&W

May 2001 in Shenzhen Diamond Plaza set up its first store, so far, "LA B & W" has a number of major cities across the country and the mainstream mall set up a special counter and stores, "LA B & W" apparel for independent , Confident, open, stylish urban modern women design. LA B & W adheres to the elegance, simplicity and style of fashion, and incorporates the popular element of relaxation to break the boundaries of genres and create the "LA B & W" culture that is exquisite, restrained, natural and personalized.


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