The British produced a stunning gem corn netizen exclaimed "can't bear to eat"! (web screenshot)

According to South Korea's "Asian Economy" report, recently, in an online forum in South Korea, a post titled "Gemstones invite you to taste" has become the focus of Korean netizens' hot discussion, and the number of forwarding and follow-up has surged. In the public photo, a corn is in sight. When you look closely, the corn kernels are colorful, crystal clear, and emit mysterious gemstones. It is reported that this is a corn variety from the United Kingdom called "Glass gemcorn". Not only does corn have a high ornamental value, it is more edible.

Currently, this corn seed is being sold on the "Native Seeds" website for $7.95. In response, Korean netizens commented: "This is too good to see? How can there be such crystal clear corn, are reluctant to eat. Can South Korea buy this variety of corn?"

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