Founded by a 21-year-old British boy, Thomas Burberry, Burberry (Chinese brand: Burberry, Bumblebee) has become one of the most representative of the British brand. BURBERRY was founded in 1856, is the British Royal Queen supplies, in 1879 BURBERRY developed a waterproof anti-crepe, breathable wearable fabric: gabardine, which won everyone's approval. In 1901, BURBERRY designed the first trench coat, in the First World War, the trench coat was designated as the British military's senior military uniform. Today, open the Oxford Dictionary, [BURBERRY] has become another term for the trench coat. Today, BURBERRY enhances its dream appeal by continually enhancing its designs and innovations, combining its classic sensibility with today's modern times and injecting quality into fashion to become an eternal brand!

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