In line with the 20th anniversary of the brand's debut, Bettina Fashion underwear is a tribute to the community and starts the recruitment program of branded channel distributors, providing you with a smooth and unimpeded path to start-ups.

What is the brand channel distributors, franchisees and franchisees currently on the market What is the difference?

庆20年硕果累累 ——贝丹娜启动品牌渠道经销商招募计划

In simple terms, franchisee and business relationship is a partner, both exist only a simple exchange of benefits, business and franchisee sales performance is not directly linked. And Beckham launched the brand channel distributor plan to break this relationship, the real interests of the brand channel distributors with the interests of enterprises tied together to their development into a part of business development plans. Make a vivid metaphor, franchisees like friends, and brand dealers are really become the family business.

Bedana fashion underwear brand channel distributor program, in the entire underwear industry is absolutely the first, but also unique. Why Didana want to promote this plan? First of all, the brand has been operating for 20 years, from the initial into the present, the lingerie has been maintained, it relies on the love of market consumers; Second, the further promotion of the Betanne Brand, focus on long-term interests, so you have to seek the people with lofty ideals work together to jointly carry forward the brand, create brilliant!

庆20年硕果累累 ——贝丹娜启动品牌渠道经销商招募计划

What is the specific policy of this plan?

Take a simple example, for example, you joined the plan and is ready to open a store area of ​​20 square feet of standard points, just to pay 19800 yuan in the shop configuration fee, Bethany exempt your franchise costs, free your contract Margin, and free to provide you with the value of 58,000 yuan of goods support. In addition, Beidunna also give you an additional 5,000 yuan worth of the opening of business supplies Li Bao and container subsidies. And you pay that 19,800 yuan, will be opened by the full amount of all returned to you.

Beidunna think, you are keen to succeed entrepreneurs already understand it, that is, Betanne underwear fashion this plan, almost free to provide you with a career, so that you can really start from scratch, create a legend.

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