The lingerie in Europe and the United States has become as popular as mobile phones, but also in Japan and South Korea is often used flirting supplies, but in China, lingerie brand development is very slow, which is influenced by China's Confucian conservative thinking since ancient times. Therefore, the Chinese lingerie brand has only slightly improved in recent years, of which nightlife lingerie, Su selility lingerie and underwear for the three major sexy underwear lingerie tripartite confrontation, occupy most of China's sexy lingerie market! According to a well-known domestic information company in 2009 statistics, in 2009 sales of sexy lingerie reached 580 million, while the three sexy lingerie brands accounted for nearly 400 million, showing how high the market acceptance! Night fire lingerie Nightfire As China's earliest independent lingerie manufacturer, its development has gone through several stages. From the earliest Japanese lingerie distributors, to now become China's largest lingerie brand, the success of night fire is worth our study! Night fire lingerie currently underwear industry in China respected, design, production and sales integration, is a powerful brand of lingerie fun! Night lingerie lingerie product replacement fast, just a few years has gone through five super-size lingerie update, have to say that this is the lack of other domestic brands lingerie. As the second Chinese independent lingerie brand () after overnight fire, Sozer's messenger lingerie is closely related to its well-funded company and the predictability of market demand. The name of Szerzel stems from a folklore in Siberia, meaning the United States, desire! Sozer Erotic underwear brand as a design concept, has brought Chinese exotic. And its flagship product is the thong, Thussur's thongs diverse colors, fashionable, thunderstruck in the market today, the development speed of Sozer will be faster and faster! Jenny Lingerie Lingerie lingerie is only the last two years a new underwear brand. Can be said that in China, when the erotic underwear market is not clear, Jenny can successfully come to the fore, as rookie brand lingerie, and its products have a very unique place! Jenny sexy lingerie design adhering to the mysterious temptation of the characteristics of oriental women, in color, style, deep down, won the praise of China!