Consumers who purchase diamond rings will hesitate when choosing a ring setting. I don't know if it is better to choose 18K or platinum. In fact, platinum has a natural white appearance, but also has a very stable chemical properties, never fade. I believe many of my friends know that platinum inlaid with the same white diamonds is a natural fit. So how much do you know about the platinum ring change? Will changing the ring have an effect on the ring? Let's take a look at it.

Although the platinum ring is a good way to deal with the wrong finger ring, some jewelers don't recommend it because not every diamond ring can change the hand. Changing the hand size depends on the diamond ring style, some are suitable for modification, some may not work; some can be modified but can only be changed one or two, otherwise it will affect the diamond firmness. When you come to luxury jewelry to buy a diamond ring, our service staff will be honest about telling you what can be changed, what can not be changed, or problems that are easy to change after changing the hand size.

If there is a diamond ring quality problem in the platinum diamond ring, it may be the following:

1. The diamond ring is usually cut to cut the original finger ring. As a general jewelry store, you may not have special equipment such as gas welding, so they may work around, so it is easy to leave traces of changes at the interface.

2. In the process of changing the hand size, the ring is broken due to excessive force. Pay special attention when there are cracks or gaps in the ring.

3. When the hand is changed, the diamond is reduced in brightness because the diamond is not sufficiently protected, and the surface is foggy.

4. When the diamond is set, the original cockroach is covered under the claws or the inlay. After the hand is changed, the original enamel is exposed due to the loose rotation of the diamond. In this case, the sputum should not be larger than the claws or the inserts, otherwise it will be more likely to fall or be damaged.

I hope that when you buy a platinum ring, you must read the above changes. Of course, try to measure your finger ring when you buy it, so there will be no such problem.

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