Bottoming shirt is generally colder weather with the jacket inside the clothes, it can be used with any personal clothes, long sleeves short sleeves, long short section, low collar and high collar can be used as bottoming shirt to match. But women are unable to meet the weirdness, when they have a different primer shirt, you will want more stylish and more varied styles, and designers are also very intimate to meet their needs - one, so the market A wide range of primer shirt after another, which under the choice of women may have.


This can be worn alone can also be used as a base shirt with a multi-functional dress, high collar design full sense of style, full of body embroidery brings a novel and chic texture fashion. But in the cold season, or with a jacket is better, in the warm room, of course, take off the thick coat, show you the full sense of artistic clothing 啦.

时尚女装打底衫长款 加厚、高领也前卫

Black long bottoming shirt is also available outside and bottoming, long-sleeved design is to follow the changes in temperature to meet everyone, black lace shrouded in the outside, the flesh-colored backing gives people an infinite reverie, cute puff skirt shape Changeable, in the winter cold wind, Oh, with a random jacket.

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Using double-layer fabric, adjustable light, do not take up space. Not only the advantages of cloth and yarn are combined, but also the function of a hundred leaf curtain, a roll curtain, and a Roman curtain. European style, double-layer transparent curtain design -- the middle transparent curtain has a louver curtain open dimming function, adjust the angle of the curtain, can make different light permeability curtains overlap, with a soft texture. Locally adjustable light.

Roller Blind Curtain Shade Gauze Zebra

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