"Fiber K & CH", an elegantly subtle, poetic and connotative name, is a warm, elegant and crisp room, arousing people's poetic dreams of beautiful reverie, perfect interpretation of the unique charming charm of women.
"Fiber K & CH", a fusion of French romance and sophistication, combined with the subtle, graceful and elegant image of oriental women, tailor-made for career women aged 30 to 45 years.

纤K&CH职业女装 ,精彩女人的世界

They are not only generous, mature wisdom, more able to perceive the world with the heart, to conquer the world with beauty; they freed themselves from the bustle, fully enjoy life and treat themselves; they focus on their own care, clothing mix, but also know how to stay healthy and beautiful; The beauty and inspiration of "Fiber K & CH" can always bring them surprises and constantly awaken the beautiful dreams in their heart to create the intellectual image of professional women, "Xiu Wai • Hui Zhong, Beautiful Woman".

纤K&CH职业女装 ,精彩女人的世界

"Fiber K & CH", not only wonderful woman's world, more exciting and beautiful career ......

There are many functions of sports bags. Most people can pack backpacks in outdoor sports, mountain climbing and so on. They can carry essential articles for us. The bag is  waterproof usually . There are backpack, haversack,shoulder bag etc .Bags can be used as very good promotional products, the logo can be printed or embroidered on bags . It's a good way to advertise.

Sport Bag

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