Beijing Park Crane Emperor limited liability company is a professional international children's and children's products company founded by international investment and cooperation. Founded in 1994, China's children's clothing industry has not yet started, witnessed the domestic children's clothing brand from scratch, from weak to strong development history. Beijing Piklan Dili limited liability company has now become the most famous children's wear market and one of the appeal of the children's wear brand, the market ranked the forefront of the industry, the best-selling products in nearly 200 cities nationwide, and has entered the international market. In 2011, Beijing Pankrandei Co., Ltd. joined hands with Haier Group to build the Haier Brothers Kidswear brand based on Haier Brothers, an animation brand owned by Haier Group. Hall No .: E4: Children's Living Hall Booth No .: E4209 Time: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Polaris can be positioned on the night of the northern hemisphere, then what can be used in the southern hemisphere positioning it? How beautiful trees can eat people? Small ants can move up to tens of kilometers per hour speed you believe it? There is ancient power in China a thousand years ago?æ³± æ³± five thousand years of history of civilization in China in the end how many mysteries? Together with their friends, the Haier brothers, created by the wise elders, travel the world to solve the catastrophe facing mankind and solve the mystery of endless nature. They crossed the five continents and the four oceans, after all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, and eventually returned to their place of birth in the Pacific Ocean. This is Haier Group invested 60 million, which lasted 12 years produced 212 episodes cartoon - "Haier Brothers." "Haier Brothers" is an animated cartoon of imparting knowledge in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere; it is an animation promoting integrity, courage, goodness and honesty. As the longest original Chinese animation representative, it has influenced generations of the 80's.

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