According to the authority of health organizations survey: In today's society, there are still most women are not aware of the appropriateness of underwear for the health of the importance of some people do not even clearly aware that the body curve will change with changes in underwear. In fact, no matter how beautiful the underwear you choose, if the size is not fit, the material and technology is not good, then moving body will immediately lose its charm, but more importantly, will unwittingly affect your physical and mental health. This is precisely because the traditional traditional underwear lack of a body care concept. Today, Han Lier underwear specifically from the perspective of women wearing a healthy, designed a section both stylish and elegant, yet healthy and comfortable new generation 5G underwear, quickly detonated the new season of lingerie fashion, becoming the most consumers Favorite and underwear affiliate agents concerned about a lingerie brand.


For the drawbacks of traditional bras, Hanlor's patent bras are designed with industry-leading built-in stamper technology and internationally advanced edgeless hemming technology to effectively reduce the pressure on the breast of the steel ring, improve the breast space and Surface stress environment, to maintain smooth supply of blood under the breast to promote normal metabolism and lymph reflux, physical prevention of breast cancer. Will be built-in steel rim, will not rub the underside of the breast, will not appear red, pain, swelling phenomenon, there will be no pressure on the breast, there will be no steel care card marks, so that breast blood circulation more smooth, adequate blood supply to the chest, the organization no longer Due to hypoxia and necrosis, the balance of breast secretion, prevent breast cancer.


Underwear, is inherently inclusive, so as to effectively support the breast and buttocks. Whether underwear with this feature, related to the composition of materials and materials underwear structure. Han Lier new 5G health underwear models are made of high quality silk, cotton, chemical fiber and blended as a lingerie material, so that underwear have a strong retractive force, double-knit knit design, but also to make the function of the perfect underwear , Even after numerous wear, washing, drying, closing the process will not be deformed, will not lose the original function, so high-quality underwear is the best choice for modern women, to help them wear beautiful and charming The curve at the same time, to further help them relieve fatigue, refreshing.

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