How to choose a duvet

Selection of home textile duvet

One press: the duvet is relaxed and flattened, let it recover naturally for three minutes, then press the quilt by hand, then release the hand, if it can quickly rebound to restore the original shape, it is the best.

Two touches: use the touch to test the softness of the hand, whether there are complete small pieces or too large and thick long hair pieces, feather tubes and so on. If the hand feels soft and complete, the small pieces are authentic products.

Three beats: Strike hard on the quilt to see if there is any dust spillage. The less the dust spill, the better.

Four 揉: Use your hands to quilt the quilt. If you have a plush, it means that the fabric is faux velvet. It is not suitable for purchase.

Five smells: Close to the duvet for a few deep breaths, no smell is good.

Six 掂: Use a hand to rub the weight of a duvet, while watching the size of the volume, the lighter the weight, the bigger the better.

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