"The chaotic world of gold, the prosperity of the world", vividly illustrates the relationship between investment and management. This sentence tells us that the subjects of investment should be different in different social contexts. Jinheyu has become a representative of tangible and intangible values. We must learn to invest in tangible values ​​and learn to invest in intangible values. Today, jade as a collection of intangible value has clearly become the investment direction of more and more people.

Securities Times reporter Chen Ying

Over the past few years, the stock market and the property market have been confusing, and investors have been puzzled. On the other hand, with the rising prices of jade, such as jade and Hetian jade, many investors turned their attention to jade collections. At the beginning of 2012, Jade and Hetian jade, which had been running at high prices, showed a fine-tuning of prices. When many people thought that this was the signal of the cooling of Jade and Hetian jade, the market had completed a gorgeous turn, and the price immediately followed. High, so many people lament: compared to the difficult to grasp stocks and erratic real estate, or investment jade is more reliable.

It is understood that the scale of the domestic jade market is expanding. With the attention of jade collections and investment products, the price of jade and other jade is also rising. In just a few years, the market price of some fine jade is also from several hundred thousand yuan. Rose to millions or even tens of millions. In the international market, the price of jewellery and jade is rising all the time. The global trading volume of jewellery and jade is as high as 250 billion US dollars per year, which has become a veritable “sunrise industry”. In China, jade auctions have also heated up in recent years. In 1996, Beijing Bohai Auction Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching a jade auction in China. In the past 10 years, many auction companies have launched jade specials in the spring and autumn auctions. Jade auctions have gradually emerged from the market and are increasingly eye-catching. In the collection markets of major cities, the collection of jade articles is also heating up.

Gao Guyu strength collectors preferred

People generally refer to jade before the Han Dynasty as high ancient jade. Gao Guyu is the source of Chinese jade culture. Any ancient jade that is reliable in the ages is only one million yuan, and it is also the first choice for powerful collectors. Gaogu jade is a scarce resource, rich in historical and cultural information, with high historical value and cultural relic value. The auction of high ancient jade market in mainland China has not been fully liberalized. Since 2004, the Gaoguyu market has gradually recovered, and some ancient jades with reliable and cultural characteristics are popular in the market. In 2004, in the special auction of Sotheby's [microblogging] "Chinese ceramics crafts" in New York, a jade knife from the late Neolithic period to the commercial time was sold for 232,000 US dollars. In 2004, in the spring shoot of Beijing, a piece of Longshan culture was sold at a price of 165,000 yuan, and a piece of the Western Zhou Dynasty was sold for 1.32 million yuan. The high ancient jade can be described as the evergreen tree in the jade market. With its long-term cultural content and extremely high artistic position, it is still the object of the chasing of the collectors, no matter how the market changes. However, judging from the high ancient jade auctions in recent years, although Gao Guyu is the object of many collectors' pursuits, the ancient jade that is inherited and orderly reliable is too few, the counterfeit goods are rampant, the collectors are cautious, and the market is difficult to form. A hotter situation.

Ming and Qing jade turnover rate is higher

Judging from the recent jade auction transactions, the transaction rate of jade articles in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is generally high. It has become a hot spot in the jade auction market and is increasingly favored by collectors.

The reason why the Ming and Qing dynasty jade articles are sought after by collectors, according to industry analysts: First, the Ming and Qing dynasties was the heyday of Chinese jade. The beauty of its jade, the fineness of its workmanship, the richness of its style, the variety of works and the wide range of uses are unprecedented. The Ming and Qing Dynasties draw on a variety of expression techniques such as paintings and sculptures from different generations, and integrate various traditional techniques. Their works have reached the point of perfection. In particular, the Qianlong Dynasty made a unique jade, and the jade material was of high quality and the carving was exquisite. It was amazing. Even if the jade brand of small pieces, as long as the jade material is good, the production is excellent, the auction price can reach more than 100,000 yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. Secondly, the Ming and Qing dynasties are closer to each other, and most of them are inherited and orderly. They are not as old as the ancient jade, which is difficult to distinguish and has a high investment risk. On the whole, in general, the price increase of the Ming and Qing dynasties in the Ming and Qing Dynasties has remained between 12% and 18% every year, and the appreciation potential is large. The Ming and Qing dynasties are lower in price than the high ancient jade. Many collectors consider it because they can preserve the value and reduce the risk. They also tend to choose the Ming and Qing dynasties, which has led to the increasingly popular jade in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Modern jade gradually became the new favorite of Tibetan city

In recent years, with the changes in the collection concept of collectors, the jade market has also seen a trend of diversification of collection objects. The age of jade is no longer the only condition for people to pay attention to. The collectors are not only keen on the high ancient jade of Shang and Han, but also fascinated by the charming white jade of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They also showed great interest in the production of exquisite modern jade.

The advantages of investing in modern jade are obvious. First, the price is moderate and easy to collect. After years of market pursuit, Ming and Qing jade has become very expensive, and the price of new jade is generally only 1/10 of the price of Ming and Qing jade pieces. The collectors can enter the market at a low price. Second, compared with traditional ancient jade, the new jade is also easy to maintain and not easy to damage. It can be used as a portable wearer, always play with things, or collect investment. Third, the identification of modern jade is mainly to identify the quality of jade materials, without special consideration of the age and the traces of human work, easy to collect. Fourth, the appreciation potential is limitless. At present, with the heat of the new jade collection gradually warming up, modern jade in the auction market is also eye-catching. As the choice of collectors becomes more broad and diversified, and the demand for jade by mass consumers is increasing, the market for modern jade will become increasingly optimistic.

Investment should be cautious

Overall, the current jade market has two major problems: one is that there are not enough good things; the other is that there are too many fake things. Not many good things are understandable, high-end art is rarely used, and more is not a boutique. In particular, the treasures of Gaogu, the amount of existence in the world is small, and of course, there is even less market circulation. At present, Chinese collectors are in the stage of hoarding, and they are more eclectic, less clearing and shipping, and the market's integrity and standardization are not ideal, which makes people with good things more reluctant to sell, which forms the status quo of rare products. Because the demand exceeds demand, the holiday is obvious, the counterfeit goods are flooding the market, and the means are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the fish are mixed, which makes the purchaser deterred. It is a big "feature" to distinguish between art and cultural relics. Everyone knows this. However, it is not normal for too many operators to make a fortune by making fraudulent fraud. For most investors, to avoid being fooled, the most important thing is to eliminate the speculative psychology. Don't fantasize about “missing”. With the rise of jade raw materials, the real good jade can only be constantly appreciated, and will never With the phenomenon of sharp price cuts, it is even more unlikely that "there will be 10,000 yuan to buy back 100,000 jadeites." The easiest and most effective way to avoid buying fakes is to go to a regular store and buy a long time-honored brand. In addition, investors should pay attention to the realization after the collection. Collection can not be just a number in the end, you need to turn it into cash to be a collection success. At present, there are not many channels for realizing the jade collection, and there is often only one pawn pledge.

For the jade market, professionals believe that building a market of standards and integrity will make collectors willing to take good things out, so that buyers can be bolder. Even if there are not many fine products, there are not so many artifacts used by the emperor, you can also take more things that ordinary people can afford, and the market will still be full of life.

Xiao Bian reminds: investment is risky, please be careful when collecting.

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