Most people prefer jade, jade jewelry brings health and beauty to people, and jade looks very attractive from the outside, and can't help but take a look. Some friends put jade as an ornament, but they don't know if jadeite belongs to jade. The following small series will tell you about the relationship between jade and jade. Friends who don't know can learn more about it.

Jade is a kind of jade, also called jade. In "Said Wen Jie Zi", there is a record of "the beauty of the jade stone." Mainly can be divided into four categories, namely nephrite, jadeite, siliceous jade and other jade. Compared with other jade, jade has four characteristics: strong gloss, high refractive index, large specific gravity and high hardness. It is mainly produced in Myanmar and has the unique origin.


Jade is also known as Burmese jade. It is a jadeite produced in Myanmar. Japan, the Soviet Union, Mexico, California, etc. all produce jadeite, but its quality and output are far less than the Union of Myanmar. In the Myitkyina region of the northern part of the Union of Myanmar, the jade deposits have the largest reserves, and the gem-quality jadeite has been mined very early and supplied to all parts of the world. Therefore, people only know that the Burmese Federation has produced jade for a long time. Therefore, the Union of Myanmar jade is synonymous with jadeite. Jadeite is a scientific name, while Burmese jade is a jargon of experts.

The fine jadeite is now cherished by more and more people in the world. At the same time, in the world of jewellery customs, people also set jade as the birthstone of May, a stone of kindness and enthusiasm. Jade is produced in the border of Burma and the border between China and Burma. A large amount of input into the Middle Kingdom is something after the middle of the Qing Dynasty. However, judging from the written records and unearthed physical records, the era of jade appeared much earlier.

It is already very early to talk about the history of jade, but people don’t know the relationship between jade and jade. Through the above introduction, everyone knows that jade is related information, and with some understanding, when others ask such a topic, You can say it!

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