In recent years, the ceramic market has become increasingly prosperous. Not only has the ceramic art collection market developed hotly, but even ordinary ceramic gift markets and ceramic custom markets have become very popular. In this environment, Jingdezhen, known as China's capital of porcelain, has also ushered in waves of tourism. Visitors, in addition to visiting Jingdezhen's beautiful scenery, are mainly looking for Jingdezhen porcelain.

Tourists visiting scenic spots mostly choose to purchase several pieces of Jingdezhen ceramics as souvenirs. However, since porcelain is not portable, they will choose to pay the money first, and then they will be shipped by the merchant and transported to the home in the form of logistics consignment. Although this saves tourists a lot of trouble, but due to several changes in the way, many procedures, it is prone to some mistakes, resulting in some tourists at home when they receive porcelain porcelain will appear with their own choice of porcelain in and out of the situation.

In 2011, the Jingdezhen Consumer Association received a total of 37 ceramic complaints, accounting for 17% of the total number of complaints. Among them, the porcelain of the outside country is posing as the Jingdezhen porcelain; the Jingdezhen trademark is used without authorization; the ceramic goods are shoddy; the ceramic products are also damaged, missing parts, exchanged and other issues will be common. The complainant group has also been based mainly on foreigners who purchase porcelain from Jingye.

Compared with local complaints, foreign complaints are more troublesome to deal with. Consumers' associations, as middlemen for the handling of commercial disputes, often need to understand the event process in detail, listen to the parties to resolve their opinions, and use their mediation to achieve a satisfactory solution. However, in the case of complaints from other places, because one party is not in the local area and cannot directly call both parties on the same occasion, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of both parties and feedback to each other in a timely manner. It will take more time and effort to deal with them.

For consumers who purchase porcelain in Jingdezhen, the relevant staff of the local consumer association also gave several suggestions.

1. When tourists purchase porcelain, they must ask the merchant for shopping vouchers and keep them properly.

2. Although tourists have a tight schedule, they still need to spend as much time as possible when purchasing porcelain. Do not hurry.

3, try to buy ceramics in some regular shops, so that the quality can be guaranteed, remember not to buy at mobile booths.

4. Because the porcelain is easily damaged, if the purchased ceramics are more valuable, it is best to purchase the corresponding insurance when choosing the logistics, and you must ensure the correctness when leaving the address and contact information.

Forming Fabrics also named Forming wires, Formng screen ect. It is an important equipment in the paper machine, and it is the device for forming and dehydrating the paper sheet on the paper making machine. It dewatering the pulp suspension from the flowing pulp box and running the paper amplitude to the follow-up section.

Polyester forming mesh, is a paper machine forming part of the commonly used water filter. In the past, multi-use copper mesh, multi-use polyester forming fabric, forming Fabrics is mainly made of polyester monofilament. In order to increase the service life of forming Fabric, We add nylon monofilament weaving with better wear resistance at intervals in the weft line.

1, 4-shed single-layer Forming wires is suitable for making culture paper, printing paper and packaging paper. 

2, 5-shed single-layer Forming Screen is suitable for making sanitary paper, culture paper and packaging paper. 

3, 8- shed Single layer Wires is suitable for making large quantitative paper, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, carton paper and so on. 

4, 8 -shed double-layer Forming mesh is suitable for making high-grade printing paper, plywood printing paper, sheet paper and paperboard surface paste, lining pulp, etc. 

5, 2 and 2.5 layer Forming screen are suitable for making high speed paper machines and producing various types of paper.

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Forming Fabrics

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