Because farmers cannot obtain genetically modified cotton and only use low-yielding cotton, Malawi’s cotton output is expected to lose 14 billion kwachas (about $90 million) this year.

The Malawi Agriculture and NGO Association held a "Biotechnology Policy Conference" in Lilongwe, the capital of the country, to promote GM planting technology to farmers in Mauritania. Malawi cotton fields currently produce about 800 kilograms per hectare, which is expected to increase production to 4,000 kilograms per hectare after application of new varieties. According to the current price of 120 kcal per kilogram of cotton (about 0.8 US dollars), if Malawi produces 60,000 tons of cotton per year, according to the existing planting technology, the sales revenue can reach 7 billion kwachas (about 0.5 billion U.S. dollars). .

At present, the transgenic agricultural products have been sold in the Majima market, but they are all imported products. Ma Longga, Minister of Energy, Mines and Environment of Malaysia, expressed his dissatisfaction with the delay in the adoption of new cotton varieties and emphasized that the ministries and commissions should increase coordination to ensure that farmers can acquire new cotton varieties and technologies as soon as possible. The person in charge of the Banda Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Malawi stated that the university had mastered genetically modified technology and applied for a field trial with the Ma- bian Biosafety Oversight Committee in 2009, but so far it has not been approved.

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