Few people know that "Meters / bonwe", a casual clothing brand that was once mistaken for being a foreign name because of its foreign name, actually had a very Chinese name when the company gave it "Beautiful Specials in here, bring the power of my country" classic literary meaning. It now appears that thanks to the consumer did not explain so that a dynamic young brand built up fought. However, for a 16-year-old casual fashion brand, what it lacks is a clear product culture. For example, "fast fashion", people will think of Zara; referred to the basic models, consumers will immediately think of H & M, UNI QLO. In the face of these 30-year-old history of the world's leisure brand to enter the large-scale, yet immature Metersbonwe and how to create their own product culture, which is listed on this 3-year business need to face the problem. Today, Metersbonwe is experimenting with an "extraordinary path": from implanted ads in Transformers 2 to T-shirts related to movie images, Metersbonwe's marriage to the cultural and creative industries, , From a simple marketing campaign to production level, and thus expanded a new product line - MTEE, the main theme T-shirt. From filming to commercials to product licensing after image development, Metersbonwe has become a nugget to the film industry's derivative value chain, and themed T-shirts have become a signature feature of Metersbonwe. In cooperation with the cultural and creative industries, Metersbonwe is working hard to become a "picking fruit" player.

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