Sensiya women 's fashion pioneer the elements of Japan and South Korea and the combination of aestheticism, design a more rich variety of fashion models. In 2012, Ms Assia's women pursued the diversification of product categories, pursued the refinement of a single variety, developed the ladies 'and girls' collections, and enriched the product hierarchy.


Mia Ya 2012 spring and summer women's series

In order to better serve our customers, Moxia's policy makers have set up the tenet of "honesty and trustworthiness, quality service, quality first, striving for brand names" on services and products, and provide them to suppliers with first-class products and excellent services Business and consumer. The use of franchising mode as the main channel breakthrough in key provinces and cities nationwide set up more than 300 franchisees.

蜜西娅2012春夏女装系列  追求单一品种的精致化

Mia Ya 2012 spring and summer women's series

Hockey Outdoor Sports Gloves have 4 main functional while in use

  • Anatomical design for comfort and flexibility
  • Full-coverage high-density Shok-Sorb padding
  • Short cuff with contoured cuff roll, Durable lightweight knit outer
  • Soft synthetic leather palm, Breathable knit finger gussets

Hockey, also known as Grass Hockey, is one of the oldest and glorious projects in the Olympic Games. The name Hockey originated in French, meaning shepherd's stick. As one of the oldest sporting events in the world, hockey takes place 1,200 years or more earlier than the original Olympic Games.

The name HOCKEY originated in French, meaning shepherd's stick. Hockey has a long history of origins. The pyramids in Egypt and ancient Greek wall-sculptures all have images similar to those in hockey. The popular "hitting ball" in the Tang Dynasty in China is similar in motion to today's popular hockey. In the 17th century, hockey was a kind of free-lance race, when 100 athletes started a melee on the streets of England.Whether it's on ice or in the grass, hockey is a sport that helps you get fit. Do you want to burn 500 calories per hour? Then quickly pick up the club, the game started!
A hockey game down, each athlete to run at least 2 to 3 km. As you try to hit the net with your hockey stick, your hand-eye coordination is improved. Waving hockey sticks can exercise the arm, fast running and all the pause action can exercise to the legs and buttocks. If you feel too much exercise, relax for a half hockey session.
Deficient people are definitely not suitable for playing hockey. Parents are most worried about is the fierce impact of hockey will hurt the child. In fact hockey needs to wear professional protective gear, safety is actually higher than football, basketball and other collective sports.

Goalkeeper used protective equipment, fixed to the front of the shoe and both sides so that it can kick the ball.
Stick: hook made of wood, synthetic material, the left side of the plane, to hit the ball.
Helmets: Goalkeepers wear to protect the head and face.
Elbow support: goalkeeper to wear to protect the body.
Leggings: Goalkeepers wear to protect the body.
Greaves: Used to protect the lower leg.
Hockey shoes: Hockey players wear special shoes.
Ball: Made of hard plastic, usually white, around 230 mm in circumference.
Goal: Width 3.66 meters, height 2.14, located in the middle of the shorter side of the venue.
Handguard: The goalkeeper used to protect the goalkeeper's body equipment.

Hockey Gloves

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