February 17th According to Taiwan's "Today's News Network" reported that Taiwan's Zhongshi's Golden Bell variety "Super Mowang Avenue 2", tonight (17th) at 8:00 officially broadcast the first episode, in order to start first Cannon, host Ou Hansheng (Ou Di) and Salsa, especially subverted sex shooting promo.

Ou Di imitates the Western tongue around, and Nicki Minaj and Sasha dress up as black men, recreating Nikki's popular MV Super Bass. I saw Ou Di wearing a pink wig , wearing super-exaggerated false eyelashes, and applying a fluorescent pink lipstick. It was a replica of Nikki Mina, and everyone was exclaimed, how could it be like this!

Ou Di was super shy for the first time wearing a tights. He also said to Sasha: "You don't want to look at me below!" Ou Di actually didn't like makeup in private, imitating Nikki Mina's funny, originally only wanted to do half. Set, do not want to make heavy makeup, but for perfection, and finally even false eyelashes, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, all done, it is for the program to fight out.

This is also the first time that Di Di wears tights. He only wears a pair of boxers and a smock. He is very unaccustomed. The whole person has become super shy. He has always been a generous person, and it is rare to have a shy expression, but in order to completely copy the MV. In the situation, Ou Di kept blinking and winking, and when he reached his eyes, he quickly took off the window, which was quite hilarious.

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