"2014 Spring is far behind?" The fashion world is always the most sensitive to the sense of smell in the seasons, but the emphasis is not on the release of new products every season, but on how many fresh elements and innovative ideas are incorporated into the new products. "Boboolong" 2014 spring and summer series, with a soft warm feeling into the lively design, the apparel to carry out the use of different small exquisite decoration, triggering the breath of fresh summer fruit, make the shape of a more vibrant off-line, people Very enjoyable. In sunny spring and summer, everyone becomes energetic. "Bobo Dragon" 2014 spring and summer polka dot dress is the girl to enhance the sweet temperament of the best choice, chest delicate embellishment, let the baby bloom infinite beauty. Polka Dot Design classic fashion, easy to wear elegant, filling the innocent little girl fresh and pleasant side. Spring sunshine, coupled with warm weather, people suddenly suddenly, but also make hot mom want to dress up carefully. Originality of the "Bobo Long" brand children's clothing with its extraordinary craftsmanship and design, with the brand's characteristics of choice of materials and patterns to show the children's infinite charm.

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