Women, such as water, delicate and delicate; women, such as tea, longevity incense; woman song, low-pitched shallow singing. Purple Shu women's 2013 spring new conference was held on August 13, 2012, regardless of design style, all reflect the color with purple ladies adhere to self-style, all show a purple ladies elegant, beautiful temperament.


A gentle and intellectual woman, no matter when it is appreciated, is far or near. Such a woman always gives a feeling of beauty, they are looking for a warm and romantic.

After 11 years honed purple ladies with "faith first, sum up, never give up" spirit of enterprise so that the rapid development of the company, stores across the country has reached hundreds. Purple ladies located in the fashion, urban women, tailored for delicate women aged 20-35, emphasizing the real wear easy to take, harmonious color combination of rich details of the design, the overall exquisite and elegant interpretation of the pleasing women Style.


The new product launches a perfect show purple ladies adhere to the style of self, allowing women to find in the life with the fun, the new clothing highlights the elegant lines of women, filling women in formal occasions and laid-back life, to create a elegant elegance Will be fashion style, each piece of clothing contains a designer's unique ideas, will be elegant, chic, simple and comfortable perfect combination, so that women dressed in purple ladies such as candy-like pleasant.

Purple ladies insist on making women more beautiful faith, adhering to the self-design style, will lead the urban women to the pinnacle of fashion !,


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