Imitation identification

(1) Red glass: It is a common type to use red glass imitation ruby. From the color analysis, the ruby ​​is purple-red, the color is bright but the naked eye is not glare, it looks very comfortable. The red glass is big red, very dazzling. Glass is much lower in hardness and density than ruby, and the glass surface is often scratched. The red glass is homogeneous and has no dichroism.

(2) Red garnet: The color of garnet is generally brownish red, which is relatively dull and not shiny. There is no change in brightness under the polarizer. Ruby has red fluorescence under ultraviolet fluorescence, while garnet is inert. The absorption spectrum of garnet is different from ruby.

(3) Red tourmaline: Red tourmaline is also a kind of gem similar to ruby. Its color has a strong brown tone. Different refractive indices are an effective way to distinguish them.

(4) Red spinel: The color of the spinel is generally red or pink, and the transparency is good. Rotate the spinel and observe from different directions without the shade of color. It is not luminescent under fluorescent light.

(5) Red zircon: The double-fold rate of zircon is very large. If you observe it under a 10X magnifying glass, you can see the double shadow of the ridge line.

(6) Synthetic ruby: The synthetic method of common ruby ​​has flame melting method, flux method, hydrothermal method. The flame fusion method has a large number of curved growth lines inside the ruby, and the flux synthesis method often has an unmelted "flux residue" solid inclusion inside the ruby.

(7) Flat stone: The so-called flattening is not a combination of two or more minerals by artificial methods, giving the overall effect, the identification method is that the general flattening will not appear between the layers of the bubbles, or put it In the human methylene iodide solution, the layering of the layers will be very clear.

Hydrothermal synthesis of ruby ​​inside a variety of wafers is easy to observe, as well as the characteristic "nail" fluid inclusions. In addition, almost all synthetic rubies have UV fluorescence that is shorter than long waves.

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