[China Gift Network News] Every year, "Golden September and Silver 10", the wedding will be concentrated, when considering what to send a wedding gift becomes a compulsory course. Some people are excellent students in this course. The gifts are given to the other party's favorite, even for a lifetime. Some people fail the grades, and the gifts are not worthy of the other party's favor, and they spend money in vain. Therefore, this is definitely a crucial moment to test whether you will spend money or know who you are.

If you are a big-flowing person, the gift you send may not have any characteristics. It is difficult to impress the other party, but "follow the flow" is just "no color, but it will not go wrong." This is already a "pass". Some of the mistakes made during the gift are obvious. For example, if the other party is obviously a temperamental Sven, you will send a pair of sports watches to the other party. This is obviously not a good mouth. In the future, this gift cannot be shackled or The fate of being transferred to others. For example, the other party said in a chat with a friend that he supports domestic products, but you are sending a Japanese camera to him. Your "good intentions" may only have counter-effects, and you will not even have friends. Can't do it. Even the stars that the other party doesn't like should be considered. Don't send the products that he doesn't like to be the endorsement. "80s" are very personal people, and they will hurt your feelings in the future.

Send a wedding gift you must not make mistakes

So, no matter what you want to send a wedding gift, the following mistakes, you must not commit:

First: the lips are not right. People wonder if you are just buying it.

Second: send the vote for its "evil." It makes people wonder if you are deliberately provocative.

Third: Send the gift that the other party sent you when you got married. The so-called "Pan to the peach to the Li", "Li" and "Peach" can be worth the same, but also slightly more expensive, but definitely can not be the same, can not send you a crystal necklace, but also now return a crystal necklace to she was. It is doubtful that you are an accountant, a good at calculating, and a human being.

Fourth: The gift is not tasted. Expensive is not necessarily tasteful, but it is not cheap to have a taste. Don't send cheap gifts that are seemingly grand and actually rude, which will give people absolutely reason to doubt your sincerity.

Fifth: Gifts are not characterized by weddings or lack of special meaning. After all, it is a gift for marriage. It must be linked to the marriage, long-term, and early birth. Simply sending a gift with no connection to this will make you wonder if this is a souvenir that you took back at an event.

Sixth: The old one was delivered a few years ago. Unless it is a classic, well-known brand, and has been relished by people until now, it is still a new style, or it is very likely that you will be suspected that you have turned the contents of the box out. people.

Seventh: Gifts float on the surface. There is a girl who is a basketball player. People naturally think that she likes sports-related things. But in fact, she likes to do cross-stitch in private, a small woman. If she gives her a pair of shoes when she gets married, she will definitely make her laugh and cry. Exercise is just her appearance.

After all, gifts should be thought of, consider the identity of the other party, but also consider the relationship between the other party and you, more importantly, to vote for it, so that gifts can deliver results.

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