From self-employed businessmen to businessmen and entrepreneurs, Wang Rongze showed us the track of the garment industry. His thinking on the role localization and the modern enterprise system coincides with the future development of modern society in which the company as the unit, economic relations as the main social relations and value culture as the important social bond. Such entrepreneurs, such enterprises, will increasingly become the mainstay of social development. Late fall of 2009, Xi'an. A university professor T-shirts, jackets, jeans, BONI's VIP customer salon model. He accepted BONI's invitation, more of a curiosity out of a scholar salon for such a social dress. Two hours later, when he tried out the costumes of four occasions with his help, such as work, speeches, parties and holidays, he said with a slight excitement: "I feel young and 15 years old." This is BONI's total Manager Wang Rongze in the past five years, the deepest memory of a moment. BONI is a men's brand with Italian origin, introduced by Wang Rongze in 1997 in Shanghai. In the words of Wang Rongze, this introduction allowed him to become an apparel trader walking in the east and southwest regions from a self-employed person in Shanghai. In the last five years, however, endless proximity and in-depth analysis of consumers turned him from a clothing merchant into a big-minded entrepreneur, turning BONI into a man-made brand A deep, long-aging, alcohol-like brand suited to the tastes of Chinese men, its consumers are willing to approach it both for work and leisure, unconsciously infected with the lifestyle it advocates. Infinitely close to the consumer, spread the value of life "The past five years, BONI to do the most important thing is to study the consumer, to do our best customer service." Wang Rongze told reporters. Shanghai's tradition of pursuing refined lifestyle and lifestyle is precisely the soil that nourishes BONI's continuous improvement of its customer service system. Shanghai is a city to accommodate rivers and lakes, both the wisdom of traditional Chinese hometown and the metropolis of the world. Old-fashioned Shikumen Lane, the Mood for Love, Qipao Lunar New Year cards, Wu Nong soft old record, every era, Shanghai has its own memory of life, and in a number of years later exudes a sophisticated fashion. Today's Shanghai people still maintain this exploration and pursuit of exquisite life. "In Shanghai, we observed that many people have their own understanding of life and the considerations of wearing such as Changsha and Chengdu, where the bar culture is prevalent, people who often drink it and those who do not often drink it, may It is easy to see, but in the Shanghai bar, you can see more clearly the different groups of people who are different in occupation, hobby, or even life attitude because Shanghai people have higher requirements for the dress of different living conditions. Let him discover that the clothing brand is not only providing a product, it is also creating a lifestyle and wearing ceremonies. It is this discovery that Wang Rongze made a decision about the brand's foundation: unlimited access to consumers. What kind of guests are buying our clothes? What are their future income-generating and lifestyle options? In addition to products, they also need what we provide services? ... Driven by these questions and answers, BONI boldly abandoned the traditional way of locating consumers by their age. It determined the brand orientation of defining the target customer group by life style and founded its own magazine "NEWGENTLEMAN" . Wang Rongze calls it a "new gentry" and is a publication that aims to spread life style and BONI's value for the mainstream people in contemporary society: "Whether it is a fashion magazine or a clothing brand, the concern for women seems to be more. In fact, Men are under greater social pressure and have more social roles to play, and they also need a wide range of lifestyle concerns. "In addition to this internal newsletter, BONI also organizes VIP salons from time to time, hiring Taiwanese professionals Image consultants help its customers keep understanding of themselves. The first five years mentioned in the article most let Wang Rongze touched the moment is a VIP salon in Xi'an, the university professor Wang Rongze feel these years of hard work, "the direction is right, but also quite successful." Refuse to become "upstart" and create a modern enterprise In the past five years, another "big event" that concerns the future development of BONI is the financial crisis. Precisely, it is the profound thinking of the helm of BONI triggered by the financial crisis. "At that time, I felt like I slept in the middle of the night and suddenly woke up, I did not know the time and did not know when the dawn will come." Even though Wang Rongze, who has been entrepreneurial in 2008, was involved in the global financial crisis Difficult to conceal the depression at the time. But for the real entrepreneur, nothing is more "energetic" than having a "rival" in sight. The darkness of the night just gave Wang Rongze time to think deeply, and he soon discovered that most businesses were focused on terminal performance because of the low threshold of clothing business and easy money-making, which is commonly known as "outbreak." "Backstage building is not the most important, as long as money is earned." But when the bubble-like "outbreak" hit the storm, it quickly dissipated fragmentedly. As a result, Wang Rongze BONI's strategic planning has been adjusted: to strengthen the management system and corporate culture. Not satisfied with making money in the regional brand, but to do well management, a unique corporate culture of the national brand. Of course, this is exactly the same thing as Wang Rongze's earlier hope of passing lifestyle and cultural values ​​to BONI's consumers. BONI began to accelerate the standardized management of the channel network and plan the rationalization of the nationwide layout on the basis of strengthening the original culture. At present, the small red flag on the brand distribution map of Wang Rongze's office has expanded from the original east and southwest regions to all capitals except Hainan; the number of outlets has risen from 20 to 500 in five years ago; BONI dissemination of corporate culture positions - VIP system, the number of members is in five years, the surge from 1000 to 150,000 people. Shanghai World Expo to the world, but also to show people the country's big power gesture. Wang Rongze told himself that as a Chinese national, it is also necessary to have a large national awareness, to understand its own role and to assume more social responsibilities. Therefore, he must spend time devoting himself to making a men's brand that allows the "new gentlemen" who are elites of the big powers to taste the same taste as wine tasting and to pass on an entrepreneur with a great national consciousness as much as he is willing to undertake for this society Caring for some of the obligations of the mainstream of the community.