Marks & Spencer lingerie series is described as the "king of lingerie in the United Kingdom", in the United Kingdom, on average, one in three women wearing Marks & Spencer underwear, to some extent, superior quality underwear is Marks & Spencer is one of the well-known reasons in the UK.

塑造自然完美的胸型 Marks & Spencer女士内衣

From ordinary cotton bras to sports bras, bras during pregnancy, and even breastfeeding bras, Marks & Spencer's range of underwear is not only comfortable to wear, but also has its own function. At the same time, its nearly ten brands, from the modern, gorgeous Autograph to the beautiful, youth Limited Collection; from sexy, stylish Ceriso to the beautiful, classic Adored; never leave traces, comfortable Body, elegant, suitable Everyday wearing Per Una; Marks & Spencer underwear independent brands have different characteristics to meet the different needs of women of different ages and body shape.

塑造自然完美的胸型 Marks & Spencer女士内衣

Marks & Spencer lingerie in the unique features above, such as the "Push Up Bra", according to need, it has a different degree of enhancements to choose from, but this series also has the inner bag, you can insert the liner, Let the chest type more tall and straight, ditch more obvious. Another example is "The Perfect Bra", which has a cup of high-tech foaming memory material inside, allowing the chest to receive the natural perfect lining and support for more comfort. According to the current rate of discount, 75% off, more than 100 yuan price, consumers will be able to get both functional and aesthetic fit bra.

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