A/W 2019



When the word "fashion show" appears in my mind

The picture you can think of is...

Countless big legs?

Unexpected show layout?

Or a guest sitting in the top row?


#时尚秀的幕幕 players

Anyway, probably few people can think of it.

Behind the scenes of a fashion show -


After all, they are behind the scenes.

After all, they only flashed in the curtain call.

#This time, it’s their turn to play.

A/W2019 Shenzhen Fashion Week

Joint "Super Orator"

Give the spotlight to the real fashion man

Fashion entrepreneur

There are also designers

In the form of a speech

Give a strong voice for fashion

A stage, a slap, a platform for people who have fashion ideas. "Super Orator" let the speech into Shenzhen Fashion Week, through the power of language, let "fashion, never stop." The program aims to "select the most talkable people in China" and hopes to let the audience feel the charm of the speech, deeply perceive fashion, and experience Shenzhen Fashion Week from a different perspective.


The strongest sound of fashion


Yin Bo

Yinger Fashion Group

vice president


In the 90s, fashion was just needed

Thirty years ago, the fashion industry began to sprout.

Along the way, riding the wind and waves,

Time is the witness.

For us, fashion is just needed.


Yang Fan

Jixiangzhai brand



Oriental, fashion, philosophy

Standing on the perspective of the development of human civilization:

Seeking for the ancients, and admiring the elegance.

Achieve an equal dialogue between Eastern culture and Western fashion,

Reshape the global fashion energy without borders.


Yan Gang

China's top ten

Costume designer


Not breaking, new age women

Women in the new era are far from being compliant.

me too.

Only by constantly pursuing adventure can we lead fashion.

Introverted and majestic,

This is my fashion proposition.


Deng Huanhuan




Ageless, release yourself

Mental age for women

Is more important,

Ageing has always been the direction that brands adhere to.

At the same time, we encourage Asian women

Breaking through the tradition,

Face the true self.


Zheng Zheng




Rigorous and interesting, attitude

Struggling between rigor and fun,

Are you a person with a strong self-style?

We need to be ourselves

An adventurer with requirements and attitude,

Come and do things together!


If you want to listen to their stories,

Feel their fashion atmosphere at close range!

Event: Shenzhen Fashion Week X Super Orator

Time: 2019.03.15 19:00

Venue: 1st Floor, Experimental Theatre, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning

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