Elegant urban white-collar women with high cultural background and pursuit of new fashion have the unique pleasure and optimism, elegant and confident, love life, the pursuit of fashion brand attitude, advocate comfortable and high quality lifestyle advocacy, free to mix and match Should, rigid and soft, show unique personal taste.


Figure: DOLAND Doran emperor dresses

Relative to the package hip skirt sexy and elegant, pants may be able to highlight the professional woman capable and decisive. Small incense coat fungus side of the decoration, to break the monotony, did not forget to highlight the elegant woman distributed from the inside out.

干练裤装与优雅连衣裙  打造职场OL必备圣品

Figure: DOLAND Doran emperor dresses

Dress is to attend business meetings, dinners and other occasions can not be ignored single product, soft chiffon and lace splicing, showing a soft tender femininity, a slight shrug, a small collar and Pinchuang, enhanced the whole three-dimensional skirt.

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