Many countries in the world, whether industrialized countries or developed countries in agriculture, women like to wear a thong, especially their bathing suits and swim wear underwear time! It can be seen, thongs are loved by the majority of women!

Thongs and T-pants contact

T pants, which is a very popular type of lingerie. Although many people think T-pants and thongs are different two underwear, but we usually can use the T-pants to indicate thongs, thongs can also be used to represent T-pants.

Thong and T pants difference

Although the thong is the only way to say it, the main difference is that thongs and T-pants have different widths on the back straps and different widths on the underside. In contrast, T-pants thinner, more exposed. The thong just like the word, the front is still relatively wide stripes, but the back part of the more detailed. So between these two names, out of the back part of the bar is not the same width, the other is basically the same!

Thong is wrapped from the bottom to the female sensitive parts, basically to ensure that women do not have too much exposure and personal privacy protection. The T pants () However, due to the relatively narrow lace reasons, the back can not effectively block people's PP, so a little exposed, more sexy! However, in Brazil's capital Rio de Janeiro, people prefer T-pants, which may be related to the opening up of social thought!

In Australia, T-shirt English thong is usually only a rubber slippers, but also used as the name of thongs. In many modern countries, like the United States. Thongs swimsuits are visible in many swimming places, even in most of Europe and Asia, even in Australia, where it can be seen that thongs will also be one of the everyday lingerie!