[China Glass Network] As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. Open shop also applies the same reason, the basic framework is not sloppy, there is no good sales, which requires the owner to pay attention to the details of the Taobao shop process. Some interested buyers will pay special attention to the details of Taobao stores, which has become one of the criteria for many people to judge the quality of a Taobao shop. Here are a few simple details about what you should pay attention to when opening a store:

First, communication details

In the sales process of Taobao products, the inevitable shopkeeper needs to communicate with the buyer, which requires the owner to pay attention to the communication skills and some details in the communication process. Use a few cute dynamic expressions when communicating, and use some custom words to close the distance with the buyer and increase the intimacy. For the questions raised by the buyer, please pay attention to the answering skills. For example, if the buyer asks for the goods without stock, you can say sorry first, then recommend some products of the same kind. This is better than the cold answer. Much better. If the buyer asks about the size of the clothing category, you can give your own opinion, but pay attention to the details of the word, just the reference is not, pay attention to the buyer to take, otherwise it is easy to cause some disputes on the exchange problem. If the buyer negotiates the price of the product, it can reduce it by a little, and it can play a role in accumulating repeat customers. If it is not cheap, you should simply state your reasons, which is more acceptable than "the shop does not bargain."

Second, the delivery details of the goods

Taobao shop owners also need to pay attention to some details when the buyer buys the goods and the owner delivers the goods. There are two main points here. The first is the packaging problem of goods: the current express delivery is not a special person in charge, and some products that are easy to break must be more basic packaging. Here, we must pay attention to the fact that the packaging is not only thick, but also not beautiful, but it can not be worn out, to reflect its own intentions. At the same time, you can also make some advertisements on the packaging to promote your own store. The second problem is the speed of delivery: although the delivery speed of the express delivery can not be decided by the Taobao shop owner, this should be clearly explained to the buyer before. If the buyer has special requirements for the delivery speed, you can add money to choose other couriers. Taobao shop owners can do the timely delivery, better on the same day the buyer placed the order. After the delivery, pay attention to the operation on the Internet, let the buyer see that you have shipped, will leave a good impression on the buyer.

First of all, simply say these points. In fact, there are many details in the process of Taobao opening a store. The store owner needs to sum up his own experience.

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