The jewellery industry is more sensitive to the economic sentiment. From the perspective of the first half of this year, the overall transaction volume has declined; the situation in Guangdong Province is better than that in other provinces, and the sales of gold jewellery are significantly better than those of other jewellery categories. The industry has suffered the most.

Comparing the indirect impact of the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 on the Chinese consumer market, we feel more pressure and more downmarket businesses this year; we are familiar with the jewelry, small commodities, and daily necessities industries. Less impact. From this point of view, it takes at least a few months for the entire market to recover.

After 2012, the pace of rapid expansion of the industry has slowed down and is completely understandable; even without the impact of the world financial crisis, the natural development of the industry will come to this stage. Judging from our current industry, it is not a day that can't go on. Indeed, few jewelers do not close their doors. Instead, they say: Some people have lost their income, and no one has grown. Experts believe that it is a good thing for companies, industries, and society as a whole to take advantage of the internal economic difficulties and run the bubble.

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