Prolivon , founded in 2010 in Shanghai.

Prolivon , rooted in Shanghai, also draws on many of the world's classic design concepts and fashion elements. The metropolitan commute style features advocacy simplicity, the atmosphere of clothing thinking, mix and match the dignified casual dress with the casual, to create a private "urban backbone" of the perfect style.


Prolivon , high-grade fabrics selected imported materials to ensure that the unique material and wearing comfort. Sensitive fashion sense of smell with the international trend to ensure that each piece has its own unique character.

Prolivon , always adhere to the design, research and development to production, retail, are based on the needs of consumers always adhere to the original intention of creating quality products.

Prolivon品牌 传递一种更高标准的生活方式

Prolivon has created a new model of apparels - part of a lifestyle that combines its all-encompassing lines of women's, men's , home, accessories and more, shopping as if at home. This new shopping experience not only creates a home-style atmosphere for the urban backbone, but also delivers a higher standard of lifestyle.

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