Warm congratulations on the grand opening ceremony of Oriental Jinshan Store at Zhuoya , Foshan City, Guangdong Province on August 9! Zhuojia East Jinshan shop located in Jinshan Street, Oriental Plaza, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, densely populated near the crowded, convenient transportation and living infrastructure, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, hotels everywhere. Underwear joining hotline:


(Zhuoya beauty Foshan Oriental Jinshan shop)

Zhuoya beauty lingerie is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to join! This argument is no exaggeration, Zhuoya beauty products with patent superiority, sincere attitude, strong headquarters support, in 2012 the Chinese market, triggered a round of joining the climax, the prospects are excellent.

Zhuoya beauty lingerie in a sincere and responsible attitude, in order to allow partners to ease investment, developed a careful and careful joining process, in the process of joining each and every partner personally, to be completely open and honest. The company intends to provide customers with Zoya beauty company and product details, information. Intention of customers, if no doubt, you can join the application, fill in the application form, as well as improve the relevant information about the store. Initial examination by the company, the two sides signed a letter of intent, and pay the intention to deposit. After the expansion by the company to conduct a detailed assessment of the applicant and review, the two sides signed a distribution contract, the customer to pay the security deposit and the first payment. Late, including the renovation of the shop construction, ordering delivery, staff recruitment and training, etc., from the preparation to the opening, the company provides customers with a full range of help and guidance.

Fortune era, to create wealth legend. This is the purpose of Zhuoya beauty lingerie, Zhuoya beauty lingerie by providing a complete set of joining the program, attracted numerous visionary talents have joined. At the same time, Zhuoya beauty also gave birth to a large number of celebrities aristocracy, the cradle of wealth in this era.

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