November 15, 2013, Impression Lingerie Zhangzhou Changtai store under the grand opening. During the opening of the audience 20% off, sincerely look forward to your visit. Address: Changtai County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province Education Bureau next to Paparo.



Impression Lady focus on providing women with healthy, comfortable, affordable underwear ideas and efforts, the product mainly for the 15-45-year-old female population to bra, men and women underwear, home wear, slimming underwear, warm clothing, socks and other products for the Lord.



Looking forward to the future, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, the Iraqi and beautiful people are proactive, innovative and economic oriented. They speed up the construction of informatization systems, implement differentiated marketing, enhance their core competitiveness, and improve and perfect various aspects of the company Management system, performance appraisal system, and strive to become first-class underwear brand .

Womens Wetsuits are different from Mens Wetsuits. Mens wetsuits generally have a simple design style, but Ladies wetsuits tend to be more colorful. Ladies like to wear bright Wetsuits For Surfing, which can highlight the charm and beauty of ladies. For fitting of wetsuits, it is especially important for men and women both. But for ladies, they care more about the fit of the clothes, because they want to show the perfect figure curve. About the styles of Best Womens Wetsuit, almost same as Mens wetsuits, except the long sleeve with bikini cut bottom styles.

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