[China Glass Network] edm refers to email marketing. Many people think that email marketing is spam. Indeed, many people in China don’t agree with edm, but believe this is for most ordinary users. For many companies, edm marketing is indeed one of the important means of corporate marketing. So what are the core conditions for companies to do edm marketing? First, if edm marketing is not considered to be spam, it must meet a basic condition: user license.

In addition to this, the following basic conditions are required:

1. Mailing list, the mailing list is the audience of the mail you send, and is subject to the user's consent.

2. The sending platform, the platform used to send mail, edm requires a dedicated mail channel, so that the sending efficiency is high, and the feedback effect can be accurately analyzed.

3. Material theme, used as the content and subject of sending mail.

With the above three basic elements, you can start edm marketing.

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