Ruby and sapphire belong to the same class of gemstones. They are the most famous colored gemstones in the world and one of the top five gemstones in the world. They have an incomparable position in colored gemstones.

Since the discovery of red sapphires, in order to obtain benefits, people have invented various synthetic techniques and optimized processing techniques, which are all graded for the naturalness of Red and Blue. Let us look at the differences between the various levels.

Red sapphire

The first grade of red sapphire is purely natural. Without any optimization, the better the clarity, the better the color, and the higher the aquamarine price.

The second level is the optimized treatment of red sapphires, such as the common heating method, commonly known as "burned" red sapphire, which is not as pure as natural, but still has a higher price.

The third level is processed red sapphires, such as filled and diffused red sapphires. Although the quality of these stones is high, the price is relatively cheap and does not have a collection value.

The fourth grade is artificial red sapphire. This kind of gemstone has nothing to do with naturalness. It is a man-made product synthesized by artificial techniques, and it only has the value of aesthetic wear.

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