At present, domestic sapphire is divided into sapphire and black sapphire. Sapphire is a sapphire that we usually see better in permeability. It is mainly embedded in precious metals such as gold and platinum. Black sapphire is a new term recently proposed by Shandong Shuolan Gem Company. .

Black sapphire

The company now controls 75% of the market share of the Chinese black sapphire market. The black sapphire is actually a low-grade sapphire. It is characterized by black, poor permeability. The most attractive is his price, like an AA grade 4X6 egg-shaped black. Sapphire is only 2 yuan, the price is very tempting.

Therefore, many domestic and foreign silverware manufacturers have begun to purchase such sapphire in large quantities to develop new competitive products. The price is not high but can enhance the value of the product itself.

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