Peter Pan collar (also known as "doll collar") from Peter Pan's classic clothing, this flat round neck was originally only used in children's wear design, but since the 60s of last century, the design of this collar began to be used in adult women's Among them. In recent quarters, Chloe, Miu Miu and other brands more extensive use of simple and elegant PETERPAN round neck is the sweet lady favorite collar, in different sizes, sizes and with the way for us to express the Peter Pan round neck Variety traits.


In addition to the show, in spring and summer of this year, major brands have also introduced new products into the Peter Pan collar, this is quite a college style cute retro styling is still a classic fashion. MURIEAL domestic fashion brand for the psychological age of 25-35 years old, with the same body and a girl's feelings of women feminine women to create romantic and lovely clothing. Spring and summer this year launched a variety of Peter Pan collar dress, so that the wearer instantly incarnation elegant angel!

什么是彼得潘领  彼得潘领连衣裙

Spring and summer 2014, simple and elegant, sweet and changeable Peter Pan collar and will come back to create a new trend of myth. MURIEAL Women's Peter Pan collar dress, pure color such as snow-like romantic aesthetic, natural, innovative, comfortable, advanced, popular fabrics, crafted production process, classic and elegant, simple is not simple, turned sweet goddess!

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