[This site - shoes and life] After some time ago, the rain and snow days and haze weather, last week's sunshine so many people "just around the corner" up, climbing, Jianbu (professional stores) became the protagonist of the movement. As a result of these sports, hiking shoes and sports shoes have gradually become hot.

Professional shoes became a "stumbling block"

Do you need to double professional shoes for climbing?

Mr. Cheng, who likes sports, purchased a professional imported Italian climbing shoe at Jiahe Outdoor Sports Store on Lijiqiao Road in Hangzhou. "Original price is 2,680 yuan, because the store was at a discount, so the discount price is 1700 yuan. I bought this shoe, mainly because the shopping guide told me that the shoes are very functional, not only waterproof and non-slip, but also very durable "Mr. Cheng said," At the time when I was thinking about buying winter, I could use it for mountaineering, and Hangzhou would snow almost every year. Waterproof anti-slip is the essential equipment for winter mountaineering. I didn't expect it to be sunny in the sun. At the peak of the north, the result was a fall. Now the foot is still in pain."

The shoes are professional hiking shoes, and the main function of the shoes is waterproof and non-slip. Isn't it Mr. Cheng’s way of climbing?

“This pair of shoes I wear a total of four times, are only worn when climbing. Mountain climbing is the same as usual, and are relatively low and gentle mountains, because the shoes give me feel very heavy, each time you need to step 'As for the anti-slip function, not only did I not feel it, but I also need to watch out for fear of slippery skies." Mr. Cheng said that once there was a climb, he passed the West Lake and almost slipped.

The reporter contacted the Jiahe Outdoor Sports Store. The manager of the store, Liu, said: "We have already made returns for consumers and the refund will be credited to the consumer's account within one working day."

Manager Liu explained that the consumer may not be a professional mountaineer, so he is not very familiar with professional hiking shoes. “The sole of this shoe is made of vibram. 99% of the climbing shoes on the market now use this kind of sole. This material comes from Italy. Many aircraft tires also use vibram, because it has excellent grip and is durable and durable, making it suitable for climbing.”

In the reporter’s investigation, many outdoor enthusiasts have their own pair of hiking shoes, including ordinary citizens, and there are more or less pairs of their own hiking shoes. Why buy professional shoes? The reason given by everyone is more consistent: “Sports There are dual-professional shoes, so you will receive less sports injuries."

Professional shoes are not suitable for ordinary people

In fact, climbing ordinary sports shoes is better

Is it true that wearing professional shoes is less likely to be hurt by sports? Just like climbing, you must use professional hiking shoes?

In fact, the anti-slip property of professional hiking shoes is based on road conditions such as gravel, soil, and grass. The country does not have a clear rule on the “slip resistance” of shoes. Many outdoor sports brands will specify features such as waterproof, but they will not be labeled “non-slippery,” even if the so-called “anti-skid” function is also relativized when shopping guides introduce products.

"If it is climbing the north peak, then wear ordinary sports shoes on it." Hangzhou Mountaineering Association Secretary-General Li Xinquan told reporters that for ordinary climbers, if you are walking trails, ordinary sports shoes will be able to meet demand. When climbing an undeveloped "wild mountain", professional hiking shoes show its advantages. Vibram's professional hiking shoes are ideal for roads like sand and stone, but it also has a drawback – it's easy to slip on smooth roads like ice, such as marble.

"Professional hiking shoes are half-heeled. When the climber falls, this design can protect the wearer's ankles." Li Xinquan said that professional hiking shoes also have advantages. It is recommended that climbers should choose to wear according to their destination. Shoes.

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