"Clothing with Qinxiang" clothing and thousands of first-class brand into a strategic alliance. Joining clothes with Qinxiang do not initial fee and deposit, "clothes with Qinxiang" to the original price ( 100 yuan -1800 yuan / piece) one-sixth ( 15 yuan -150 yuan) Market, and the conversion of goods and new products listed less than 30 days interval. With high-quality products and ultra-low prices as the core competitiveness, thus giving customers a broad market space and stable and rapid earnings. "Clothing with Qinxiang" products cover spring, summer, autumn and winter women's , fashion, ladies, casual, mature and other types of products are all, clothes with Qin Xiang - cloud clothes, full of charm.

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女装折扣 顶尖品牌 上“衣伴沁香”

女装折扣 顶尖品牌 上“衣伴沁香”

女装折扣 顶尖品牌 上“衣伴沁香”

Our  Kitchen Towel Advantage :
We can produce as your requested: size, weight, color, your logo or name can be printed or embroidered or Jacquard
Easy to wash and dry, soft and comfortable, excellent water absorbency .Natural anti-bacterial, no smell ,has keeping mites away and beauty, have more longer service life, along with natural color ,Elegant style, suitable for all people using.
Our tea towel is so soft, brief, and convenient , with absorption and color fastness, they are easy for wash, and won`t be harden .
The quality is very excellent and price is reasonable and competitive.We can make timely delivery.
Various fabrics,colors,designs,styles and siza are available,OEM service is available
We can produce many different kinds of towels,sure as various towels with printing jacquard,embroidery,yarn-dyed,printing activity etc.
Standard export packaging or according to your requirements

Kitchen Towel

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