A brand from a foreign country, the mission of fashion, with responsibility for quality, is deeply rooted in the vast land of China with 5000 years of civilization. In the clothing creative, SOGNI KIDS (Zhuowei Le) completed a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, but also appropriately fashion and elegant to the Chinese children. Sensitive sense of smell to capture the fashion, it tells people that fashion is not an adult patent, the children also have their share of wonderful! On December 28, 2013, the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of the Guangdong Marketing Society and the "30 Years of Marketing in Guangdong" Awards were held at Room 401, New Times Square, Guangzhou Unicom. Former vice governor of Guangdong Province, the current chairman of the Guangdong Marketing Association honorary president of Hong Yang, Guangdong Marketing Association Yang Hong; well-known business representatives Dong Mingzhu, well-known marketing experts Wang Zhigang, Wu Xiaobo and the Southern Newspaper, Guangdong Satellite TV, Sina, Sohu and so on Well-known media, well-known business representatives. At the conference, SOGNI KIDS won the honorary title of "Top Ten Fashion Brands in Guangdong" jointly issued by Guangdong Marketing Association and Nanfang Daily as the only selected children's brand. This is another major honor won by SOGNI KIDS after being awarded the 2013 Top Ten Children's Wear Brands in China. This is the result of a widely recognized consumer and expert recognition of SOGNI KIDS. For SOGNI KIDS, this is even more spurring and motivating, motivating the people of Zhuowei to give better quality to Chinese children.

one kind of special finishing.it can be do before or after dyeing. Different method color will be different.In order to make bulk excatly. It's best to make sample as l/d. color must be a little lighter than approved l/d because of sueding.Moreover pilling will be lower than without sueding, but fur will be better. Apprarance after wash will also not good as regular fabric.it can be divided into two kind of sueding, one is by carbon and the other is by normal machine.Fabric will be clear after sueding.

Sueded Fabric

Sueded Fabric,Sanded Fabric

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